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The different types of hair removal options

Not considered as the most glamorous discussion, although hair removal is something that most people are concerned about whether male or female. With ample options, available now you will be bewildered, just walk down a wellness centre or a beauty clinic or when you turn the pages of the magazine, you are blessed with choices … Continue reading “The different types of hair removal options”


How long does the effects of Chemical Peel last

When you start considering chemical peel as a solution to your skin, you might be wondering how long the result is going to last for your ….


Are skin- lightening glutathione injections safe and effective?

When you look at the magazines and TV commercials, you get to notice flawless skin, the porcelain skin that of famous…


How micro- needling an effective treatment for improving skin colour?

The practice of puncturing your skin with tiny and sharp points may result in bleeding, but sometimes it can be used as an effective way for acne scar treatment. Introduction to micro needling Micro-needling is used for the treatment of rough acne scars, cellulite, stretch-marks and premature aging. This procedure also enhances in the absorption … Continue reading “How micro- needling an effective treatment for improving skin colour?”


This summer protect your skin- keep your skin healthy and glowing

This summer we are here to offer you tips to take care of your skin, in case you don’t have time for intensive skin care. Here, are some basics which you can apply to pamper your skin. Protect your skin from the sun A standout amongst the most critical approaches to deal with your skin … Continue reading “This summer protect your skin- keep your skin healthy and glowing”


Reshape your figure- fat reduction as well as enhanced body contour

Sparha Spa & Salon is a holistic, multidisciplinary wellness centre, we give various non-intrusive cosmetic treatments. We feel the need to make a comprehensive focus where individuals can find a tranquil and professional atmosphere, where they can concentrate on enhancing their mind and body. The clinic is furnished with up to date equipment’s as per …


Get rid of pigmentation for a beautiful skin

You might not have profound frown lines or crow’s feet, but if you feel you are ageing, it may be because uneven skin tone. Pigmentation may be the cause due to repeated and unprotected exposure to sun, the UVA results in the formationof the pigment cells known as melanocytes and manufactures the pigment called melanin. …


Clarifying your assumptions about Liposuction

Liposuction is the procedure through which the unwanted fat is removed from various areas of the body. Essentially, a cosmetic surgery for body contouring- liposuction is the most popular body sculpting process which is practised globally. In the meantime, there are numerous unknown facts around this procedure. So, here are some facts for every one …


Understanding the difference between Botox & Dermal fillers

With regards to the battle against fine lines there are apparently unlimited alternatives for giving a youthful look to your face. Now, you could fix signs of your aging around your mouth and eyes? You might feel that Botox is the only option you have, but there are other injectable beauty care products that plastic …


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