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About Sparha

Sparha Spa & Salon is a holistic, multidisciplinary wellness clinic offering complete and effective means of addressing the overall health and beauty needs of our clients. Our philosophy is to understand the individual needs of each person and provide high-quality, proven therapies tailored to their specific requirements.

Rejuvenate and Awaken your senses in a true sanctury of luxury and tranquility

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To know more about our services or to consult with one of our beauty and fitness specialists, please call us on 9972719303 or send us an email at
As soon as we hear from you,one of the friendly members of our team will contact you to learn more about your specific requirements and schedule a meeting with our specialists.

Why Sparha

Holistic Approach

At Sparha wellness clinic, we are aware of the fact that our bodies often reflect signs of stresses and strains as we juggle our busy lives. How we look, in turn, affects the way we feel and our overall well being. That is why at our clinic, we take a holistic approach to improve the quality of your life by providing a range of advanced treatments and services, all clinically tested and proven. With our wide range of beauty and health treatments, our aim is to make you look and feel your best - inside out. And as no two individuals are the same, we go out of our way to match the right therapy or treatment to you - the individual

Professional/ Experts

Every one of our clientele, at Sparha, will be in the care of trusted professionals who are recognised experts in their field. At our clinic, our team of health care professionals, practitioners and beauty care specialists take a proactive approach to help you satisfy your beauty and fitness aspirations. Unlike conventional centres, we concentrate on your individual health, fitness and beauty issues and provide integrative care by working as a team on your behalf.

All our staffs are fully trained with years of experience in their particular fields and have in-depth knowledge about the different products and equipment that we use in our clinic. Moreover, we believe in constantly updating our skills and technical expertise so that we can confidently offer superior treatment outcome. We are very careful to evaluate new techniques and therapies before offering them to our patients.


At Sparha, all our residential facilities incorporate internationally acclaimed equipments which are safe and effective with proven results. Our state-of-the-art machinery, backed by our world class products and procedures, provides effective rejuvenation therapies and aesthetic treatments which includes fitness programs, hair therapies, skin corrections and fairness, salon and spa.

Some of our service areas include slimming, body contouring, Ayurvedic treatments, skin care, hair transplant, facials, hair spa and more. We also provide exclusive groom and bridal services to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day. We assure your indulgence with Sparha will certainly turn out to be a sheer body-mind-soul experience for each one of you.

Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions Apply. Results may vary from an individual to another, depending on medical conditions, age, gender, family history and lifestyle. sparha wellness clinic should be informed well and consulted regarding matters related to medical condition, ongoing treatments and needs of individuals and their family. Privacy Policy | HTML sitemap

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